The Slate Roof Inspection Program

Take the stress out of maintaining your valuable slate roof with our inspection program.

The Challenge of Maintaining Roofs in New England

Many buildings in Vermont and New England have slate roofs. They are a part of our history. Slate roofs are beautiful, timeless, and durable. Their preservation is important and should be handled with care. However, even the best roofs get old and wear out. Replacing them with new slate is expensive and time consuming. Maintaining old slate roofs is possible and can prolong the life of most slate roofs for many, many years. Our mission is to help you maintain your slate roof in a way that is practical and manageable. How do we do this?

Welcome to Blackrock Slate's Slate Roof Inspection Program

Our Slate Roof Inspection Program focuses on performing regular inspections with the use of an aerial drone and then recommending any needed maintenance to keep your slate roof as healthy as possible.
Consider the benefits…

Program Benefits

  • Roof inspections via aerial drone for any missing slates or other damage
  • Inspection of chimney and all slate roof components
  • Receive a detailed report following the inspection
  • Receive access to resources to help you maintain your slate roof
  • Roofing experts are available for your questions & concerns
  • Ongoing relationship with technicians that have a knowledge of your property
  • Personalized priority scheduling
  • Peace of mind and reduced stress
  • Receive a superior level of customer service
  • Access to a company you can trust
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