Winter 2022 Newsletter

Icicles hanging from a roof because of an ice jam

What are ice jams and how can I avoid them?

During the cold winter weather, you may have noticed something similar to this picture on the outside of your home and perhaps you are seeing signs of water leaking inside as well. It is possible you developed an ice jam. What should be done about this? It is dangerous to try to get on your roof to remove the ice and this could further damage your roof. At times it is best to leave this alone. If you are experiencing a leak, please call a professional.

Why does this happen? What can be done to prevent this in the future?

Why do ice jams occur?

This can happen in many different scenarios but typically it comes down to either improper ventilation of a house or not enough insulation in the attic. Inadequate insulation in your home allows heat to escape into your attic. As the heat in the attic reaches the roof, the roof deck warms and melts the snow on top of your roof. The pattern of melting and refreezing causes a layer of ice to form on the surface of your roof.

What can be done to prevent ice jams in the future?

Some preventive measures to avoid ice jams:

  • Insulating attic space
  • Ventilating eaves and roof ridge
  • Adding a metal snow belt system to the bottom 3 feet up the roof to help prevent ice formation.

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