Spring 2023 Newsletter

Why do slates become loose and how can I prevent this?

With the sounds of birds, the warmth of the long-missed sun, and the occasional snow storm, these are all the signs of spring in the north country!  With spring here, or soon to be here, this is a great time to give attention to your roof.  If you have seen some fallen slate in your driveway and yard, what should be done?  

First, don’t panic!  If you are enrolled in our Slate Roof Inspection Program email us at info@blackrockslate.com and let us know of those missing slates.  If you could include any pictures you may have that would be very helpful.  

Why does this happen?  What can be done to prevent this in the future? 

Why do slates become loose?

With our older Vermont roofs, it is not uncommon for slate tiles to shift, break, or completely fall away. We see this often for a variety of reasons: the harsh winter season, high winds, improper fasteners or failed fasteners.

What can be done to prevent slates from loosening in the future?

The best thing you can do to address the damage is to have them repaired as soon as possible by an experienced slate contractor. As we are making these repairs for you, we will also be investigating other potential issues and loose slates.

Preferred customers can contact us with their upcoming roofing needs. Email us at info@blackrockslate.com.

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